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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

To-Do Check-in

Just checkin' in on my to-do list...
  • Plan book organized in a binder 
  • Order Math Pensieve on Zazzle with coupon 
  • Set up Math Pensieve (I will post this soon!)
  • Get ideas for math STARS centers  (also coming soon!)
  • Read up on Writer's Workshop (I have my first few months planned!)
  • Go through new math curriculum (still waiting on some pieces that haven't been delivered)
  • Set up classroom (I have some kid-less days coming up!)
  • Organize books (not sure if that will ever be done...)
  • Beautify the teacher notebook
  • Write welcome letters to kids (We are actually having an ice cream party instead)
  • Check out STEM units (This will be part of our inservice during workshop week so I can't plan these units yet- we did put them into our curriculum map, though)

My next posts will be about my Math and Daily 5 Pensieves. 

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