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Friday, August 5, 2011

Fancy Plan Book and Notebook

Since I am a scrapbooker in my spare time (whatever little time that may be), I love to "upgrade" my school supplies. My theory is that if I have to look at it every day, it might as well be pretty!

I got a fancy binder, some lovely paper from different scrapbooking companies, and my trusty tape runner (like double-sided tape but way easier to use) and set out to beautify my boring plan book and notebook that we get each year from school.

This little notebook is a school-issued, blah-blue but I jazzed it up with a little October Afternoon paper from their line called "Report Card."

Here is the binder I found on clearance at Target. Most of my important binders are fancy so I can find them easily on my desk! I haven't used a binder for a plan book before, but we have a lot of curriculum maps from our district that I'd like to keep close. I usually just glue our grade level curriculum calendar on the inside of the plan book but it's getting to be too many pages. 

I took the binding out of the plan book and then three-hole punched it (I used a Cropadile but you could use a regular hole-punch if you have patience). Then I covered the front of it with some lovely paper.

 The language arts curriculum map for K-2 at our school...about 56 million pages long...and the math curriculum map for K-2, three pages long.

But now I have some beautiful notebooks to hold all my most important information!

And if you think those are cute, wait until you see my Math and Daily 5 Pensieves...coming soon!

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