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Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Great "Primary Pinner" Link Up

I'm linking up with Rainbows Within Reach for the "Primary Pinner" Link Up! Come and check out all of the awesome teacher Pinterest boards! Hope you didn't have anything else to do...I know that time seems to fly out the window when I'm on that site! One of my colleagues says it makes her a better teacher (since there are so many great ideas) and a worse mom (since it can suck you in!)...ha!

This Labor Day weekend I'm out of town with my family but I'll fill the days on this blog with some fun pins from other teachers. I can't believe we start school on Tuesday! And it's my birthday! Speaking of that...I have some great giveaways planned for my followers so you'll want to sign up to follow my blog over there on the right-hand side!

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