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Monday, September 3, 2012

Still More Pinterest Weekend Fun!

This is a fantastic resources for using children's literature in math. The books are categorized by math topic.

This would definitely be motivating for kiddos learning their sight words! I might have to get this for my oldest...

These are free! Carmela printed them and bound them with a ring. So handy!

Organization Drawers- source unknown
I found this on Pinterest but it only links to a photo. This is such a good idea, especially for me! I might need bigger drawers though...  ;)

These are so cute! I teach second grade so we don't take our state tests. However, these would be cute for the first day of school! Our school also has "Testing Buddies" where the primary classes adopt an intermediate class during state testing time and make motivational posters, notes, treats, etc.

Tomorrow I start school AND it's my birthday! Tuesday-Friday I will be posting some giveaways so you'll definitely want to follow my blog!

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