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Sunday, September 2, 2012

More Pinterest Weekend Fun!

Here are a few more pins I've found recently:

Reading guru Jim Trelease has kindly posted several brochures about reading that you can give to parents. 
A great resource for conferences and open house/curriculum nights.

A collection of e-cards that are funny!

I love this video- it's a wonderful story about kids who think outside of the box. And the illustrations are done by Peter H. Reynolds who wrote Ish and The Dot among other books.

Oh! I almost forgot! There are also free posters that go with the video.

This is a fun idea- print out for a countdown to a special event. Plus it's pretty! :)

These are great stories for Listen to Reading on the computer. I did check it out and the font on some of the stories is italicized which might be difficult for kiddos to read but the stories are engaging.

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