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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pinterest Weekend Fun!

Here are a few pins I've recently found with some great ideas! We LOVE Pinterest at my school!

How cute are these? She used them for Valentines and her kiddos made one for each member of the class using their class photo. I think this would be fun to have each student make and put inside or outside of your classroom. She includes a PDF of a page with four self-portrait cards.

What a cute idea! I like to have a "working snack" so why not put those snacks to work? $4.00

We are always looking for fun new ways to use those staples in our classrooms- this has several printable dice pages, ideas, and games for kids and families.

This is so cute! I usually just put the "no-name" papers on my board with magnets but this is so much cuter!

I love this idea, too! It will definitely be engaging for students. :)

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