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Monday, August 20, 2012

Teacher Week: Must-Haves Monday

This week is Teacher Week over at Blog Hoppin'. It's so fun to see all of the blogs that are linked up- what a wealth of knowledge!

Today is "Must-Haves Monday" so I will share a few of the things I HAVE to have at school.

1. Post-it Notes. All sizes. All colors. All shapes. Love these. I usually stash a few packs near my desk, the door, my reading table, my meeting area, in my get the idea. :) 3M also has a Post-it website for teachers will all kinds of lessons using their product. Check it out here. I also liked this idea from Clutter-Free Classroom: a Post-it Organizer page!

2. Coca-Cola- my caffeine of choice since I'm not a coffee drinker. :)

3. Markers. Any kind. I love to use these Project Popperz and/or Mr. Sketch markers for my anchor charts. These guys are hard to find so I will probably go back to Mr. Sketch when they run out. One year I had the mega 18-color pack of Mr. Sketch markers and many of my students went out and purchased a set for themselves. I think I had 6 kiddos with them in their desks!

4. A teacher stamp with your name on it. I LOVE mine. I use it daily to stamp my kiddos' planners after checking to see if they had a parent initial them. I ordered mine (not this one but looks similar) as a treat to myself from Lettergirl on Etsy because she's a local gal and I l-o-v-e her handwriting. I think you can also get them from Vistaprint.

5. A good water bottle for you! I am lucky- we have a Culligan water cooler at my school. I have tried many a water bottle but really like this simple one for some reason. I found it at my local grocery store. I am a straw girl, though many of my teacher friends are more "chuggers." I try to fill it up in the morning and again at lunch to make sure I'm getting my daily intake of water. 

What are your teacher must-haves??


  1. Love your teacher stamp-that is so cool! We also love our Mr. Sketch-not so much the part where the kids all sniff their papers (good thing it's not toxic like the olden ditto copies) but they are fabulous on charts, etc. Thanks for sharing Briana!

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  2. I agree with the post its and the Coke! I can't live without those either!I love your teacher stamp!


  3. Ooh I need a teacher stamp like that. I am going to have to check that site out! I just found you through the linky & I'm a new follower!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  4. I am off to buy the teacher stamp right now! awesome! :) I am looking forward to not signing my name a zillion times. hee hee. I am your newest follower! Please visit P.J. Jots