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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cafe: Chapter 5- Eavesdropping on Some Conferences

I'm following along with We Read, We Blog, We Teach and their Cafe Book study but I'm a day early for this one since tomorrow I am sharing some free finds on Freebie Friday.

In Chapter 5, The Sisters let us take a peek at some conferences that they have with students. There are LOTS of examples of how to teach different strategies for beginning and advanced readers. 

I learned that you should definitely have sticky notes on hand when you are teaching Cafe strategies. ;) They use them all.the.time.

Another intriguing idea was a "Table Talk Notebook" where kids write down new words that they come across to share with their parents at home. They use a spiral-bound pack of index cards which makes it easy to keep in their book box and fits easily in their backpack.

One of the things I am excited to share is that The Sisters actually have three Cafe menus. The original, an emergent, and a transitional menu. The two newer menus are great for kindergarten and primary grades. I *think* you can find them here: Cafe Menus. I'm pretty sure these are public on The Daily Cafe site. The menus area also available in Spanish at the same link.

This chapter was definitely short- Chapter 6 is "beefier." It's all about Whole-Class Instruction!

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