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Friday, August 24, 2012

Teacher Week: Freebie Friday

A little change this week as I'm following along with Teacher Week over at Blog Hoppin'...I've created two freebies for you!

I love the "Find Somone Who" ice-breaker game where students go around and find someone who can answer a specific topic (ex. "Find someone who is an only child" or "Find someone who has been on an airplane"). I have created one for my class to use and I thought I'd share it with you.

You can find it here on Google Docs.

I also have created Partner Cards. It is a pack of 30 cards that will help you put your class into groups of two, three, four/five, and six-person groups. The kids grab a card and then you can call out what image they should match to find their group.

You can find the cards here on Google Docs.

I also have my Daily 5 Check-In sheet (for 25 students, three rounds a day) on Google Docs, too!

Happy Weekend! I'm off to our cabin before I go back for Teacher Workshops on Monday!

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