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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A giveaway to share and room update

Have you heard about the Back to School Expo?

So I've been working in my room...well, basically rearranging furniture because I can't decide how I want the layout to be. I have a HUGE window in my new classroom and I love it but it's hard to figure out what to put  in front of it!

Here are some "before" pictures (and my little guy in a stroller!). I have since gotten almost all the tables changed out for desks (woo hoo! I was lucky!) and have been moving my teacher's desk around to every corner. I'll share some "after" pictures soon!

Ignore all my junk in the middle- I haven't put anything in cupboards yet!

See my big window? Isn't is awesome? Imagine my anxiety level at 9:07am when a big yellow bus pulls up right there on Tuesday, September 4!

This is the front of the room. I don't have any tables anymore- they gave me desks!

This is the back of the room- I LOVE all these cupboards! This room style has two extra cupboards, too! I also like those buckets for the kids (they are actually kitty litter pans!)- they put their extra supplies in there. On top you can see I started to put my seasonal/thematic book boxes up top- they fill up that whole space now. 

And check out the cute little boy in a stroller! :)

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