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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sneak-a-Peek Linky Party

Update on the classroom: I was able to get a TON of stuff done in my room. And then the battery died in my camera when I was going to take photos. Sheesh. I will DEFINITELY take some soon to show you.

I am joining up with Blog Hoppin's Sneak-a-Peek Linky Party to show you the goodies I got during the Teachers Pay Teachers sale!

I'm not gonna lie- I was hoarding stuff on my wishlist waiting for the big sale. :)

This was my most expensive purchase but I have been saving up my TPT points and waiting for a sale for this one. It is FILLED with morning worksheets that review basic skills with students. For some it will be a little bit challenging and others it will be easy but they can all use a review of these topics.

Metacognition Tool Kit from Amanda Nickerson at One Extra Degree
I have read several bloggers' reviews of this and they love it! I think the tools will be a wonderful reference for kids as they are working on metacognition skills. Did I already mention how much I love me some Debbie Miller? ;)

Pint-Sized Presidential Fun from Cara Carroll at First Grade Parade
I HAD to buy something of Cara's during the sale. ;) I am excited to use this unit in November since voting and elections are big in our standards this year. 

We use bucket fillers in my classroom and I usually have students write about kind things that other kids have done for them. I read them all out loud on Fridays and occasionally choose students that went "above and beyond" to call home and tell their parents the good news (or I write a note home).

Classroom Promise Pack from Amy Lemons
Since I have my kiddos for two years, I am hoping that these activities will help to reinforce our promises to one another. 

Super in Second Beginning of the Year Activities by Babbling Abby
And what list wouldn't be complete without a unit from Abby? I am always looking for fun first week activities.

Next week is Teacher Week on Blog Hoppin'...will you be following along?

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