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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More Free Fonts: Day 3- 1001 Free Fonts

Today I have a selection of fonts for you from 1001 Free Fonts.

When choosing fonts, I often look for how the font prints an "a" since we all know that Comic Sans has the best "a" but that it gets a little boring! I also look to see if the letters are formed so that kids can read them clearly. Often a "g" or "q" can be tricky depending on the font. This site has a feature called "Custom Font Preview" (many other sites do, too!) that allows you to type a word so you can see how it looks. Depending on what words I am spelling or what I am using the font for I might not care! I might just choose it because it's pretty. ;)

Remember- click on the font to link to the download page!

Bad name but cute font!
This is another font that is different depending on if you use capital or lowercase letters. "Cheap" is written in all caps, "Sign" is written in lowercase.

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