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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Inspiration for Displays and Bulletin Boards

Here is my collection of ideas for displays and bulletin boards. I will have a long magnetic whiteboard and a shorter magnetic whiteboard in my room. Each is flanked by two square bulletin boards. 

We are starting to display our Learning Targets each day. Last year I just created a section next to our class schedule with two border strips running down the side and blue painter's tape sectioning off each subject area. This year, I'd like to make it a little nicer.

I found this idea on Pinterest but would definitely revamp it a little. When I went to click on the link, it said that it might go to spam so Pinterest is blocking the website. 

These are dollar store frames with scrapbook paper behind them. You can write on them with a whiteboard marker and erase. I liked the idea of being able to customize them to fit my decor.

I also like the idea of "I Can" statements like these from F is for First Grade:

Then I saw this magnet set from Really Good Stuff and had an idea.
I usually write up the supplies that kids need to take out on the board when I give directions. This makes it much easier for me since I won't get asked 100 times what else needs to get taken out- I just get asked maybe 5 times instead. So my idea is to separate these magnets- use the supplies for showing the kids what they need and use the subject magnets for the Learning Targets. I think I like this idea...the magnet set is only $12.99. I could store them in one of these magnetic whiteboard pockets:

Since I'll have more bulletin board space, I would like to fancy up my calendar area. I found this on a blog and loved it!

Now Mama Jenn (the creator of this amazingness) is a homeschooler, so I think I will nix the prayer and put my helpers there. But I love the different things she has included. Our math series has a few other pieces that they would like us to use so I will also supplement those. You might be wondering if she has made your life easier by putting all of these things on her blog for free to print. Why, yes! Click on the picture for the link.

I'm also debating about using my smaller whiteboard for a reference wall like this one at Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits:
She has freebies, too! Just click the photo.

On tap for tomorrow: Inspiration for Notebooks and Journals!

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