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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Prang Challenge

Have you heard of the Prang Challenge? In conjunction with The Mailbox, Prang is challenging teachers to compare their markers to that of the leading brand. They had a giveaway for teachers wanting to test their markers. They chose winners each week and asked them to create a short video of themselves comparing the two brands of markers.

I registered.
Thought nothing of it.
Got a phone call at work from a strange area code.
Didn't answer.
Listened to a voicemail telling me I was a winner and to check my e-mail.
I thought, "Yeah, right!"
Checked my e-mail.
There it was.


The next day they sent me two packs of markers to compare and a FlipCam (to keep!) to record my tests.
I sent my video back and a few days later a HUGE box of fun came to school.
Here is what was inside:

Class Pack of Prang Markers

Class Pack of Prang Crayons
Class Pack of Watercolor Paint (the best watercolors ever!)
Two 30-packs of Ticonderoga Pencils (also the best pencils ever!)
Class Pack of Lyra Grooved Slim Colored Pencils
In the original box was:

Flip Mino HD
Pack of Crayola Markers (for the comparison)

Pack of Prang Markers (for the comparison)

The website says that the prize pack is valued at $502.22!
I was practically drooling when I opened up all of these splendiferous art supplies.

My video hasn't been posted as of today but here is a link to past videos so you can see what we all discovered when we compared the brands. You will be amazed! Make sure to watch mine to see what happened when I left the caps off of both types of markers for 24 hours.