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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday Incentive Idea

Hello! Just popping in to share a quick holiday incentive idea for your class. Teachers at my school use points or "warm fuzzies" as incentives for their class to promote good behavior. One of the teachers at my school used this idea at the beginning of the year but I thought that December would be a great time to try it out with my kiddos.

I bought several things for my class (see below) and I am going to have my class earn "dollars" (points) to be able to open them up. My idea is that I'll wrap the gifts and then put a price tag on the outside. The "price" is the amount of dollar/points the kids need to earn to open it up. This will be determined by the actual retail price of the item- most of them I got on Black Friday so $7 for Battleship would be a little too easy to earn. :) If one item costs $15 and another is $20 they will have to decide to open the $15 item or keep going until they get to the $20 item. Then we'll start over for the next chance to open something.

Here is what I purchased:
Retail is $20 but I got it for $7 on Black Friday at Target.

Story Cubes- retail $10 but only $6 on Amazon.

Hedbanz game- bought this on Black Friday at Target but retail is $17.

This fingerprint stamp set from Lakeshore- book and ink pad. Retail $22.
I bought the ink pad for $10 at Lakeshore and the book for $8 on Amazon.

Mr. Sketch Scented Markers 18 pack! The kiddos love these for word work. Retail  $16.

What would you pick for your kids?

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