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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer can finally begin! Right?

Our last day of school was June 7. Most of that day was autographs for the kiddos' yearbooks, playing outside with our grade level, having our pizza party with the entire 2nd grade, and watching "A Bug's Life" since we had just finished our unit on mealworms. I started not feeling to great but I chalked it up to the stress of the end of the year, moving classrooms, meetings, etc.

The next day I spent moving my junk out of my classroom and into a storage room so I wouldn't make the other teacher (who is on maternity leave) feel like she was being kicked out. Her sub did a great job of moving her stuff to another closet closer to that new room. Still didn't feel great, though- and knew I'd be back the following week for a book study meeting so I figured I'd get more done then.

My husband was out of town beginning that Friday and for the entire week so that meant me and the boys (ages 5 and 6 mos.) solo 24/7. We went into school on Tuesday and my room was already cleared out to be cleaned! The custodians were fast!! I felt bad that my stuff was all out and not put away but it will be so nice to have my room cleaned and ready for next time I'm in.

All week I just wasn't hungry and not feeling well.

My husband got home the day before Father's Day and I was about ready to drive myself to urgent care- my stomach felt awful. We waited until Sunday (Father's Day) and dropped the kids off with the grandmas and went in. I was immediately sent to the emergency room at our local hospital (which is where I had my baby a few months ago- that hospital is amazing!) and hours later I went in for surgery to remove my gallbladder.

What a way to start my summer!

I'm feeling a lot better now but still sore. The worst part is that I'm not supposed to lift anything over 15 pounds- which is just shy of my 17 pound baby! Poor guy! He sits on my lap but I really can't take care of him like I should. Luckily for me my mom had this week off (total coincidence) so she took good care of me and the boys.

I've been on Pinterest a lot lately since I haven't really been able to do much else so I have a LOT of classroom projects and ideas stirring in my brain. I'm planning a few posts next week to share.

Meanwhile, check out Clutter-Free Classroom's "mini-series" called "Inspired" where she lists some of the ideas she used for her classroom. Her reveal is on June 27 and I'm so excited to see how she used all of the things she's shared!

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