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Friday, June 29, 2012

Inspiration for Fun!

Here are some other ideas I found that are inspiring- and fun!

This is a cute idea from Clutter-Free Classroom- rewriting "Diary of a" to go with a themed unit. She used Charlotte's Web and had her class write "Diary of a Pig." Last year, I had my students write "Diary of a Mealworm" for our life cycle unit- they were fantastic!

Really Good Stuff has really good stuff...and I'm thinking that I can modify this Little Pocket Sorts for some centers that I have.

This idea is from Rachelle at What the Teacher Wants. When I saw this, I took an old manila folder and got out my label stickers. I have A-Z and then just laminated it. I use a Vis-a-Vis marker instead of the velcro- works like a charm! I just wipe the name off with a damp cloth when the student changes levels.

Dawn Gray created this freebie on her TPT site- love the bookmarks for Read to Someone during Daily 5. It provides conversation starters for the kiddos when they are done reading.

And from the "Why Didn't I Think of That?!" file:

Hot glue a pom pom to the end of a dry erase marker- instant eraser! Genius!

Love this Election unit from Cara Carroll! It's chock full of ideas for November.

I thought this idea from Flickr was cute- they drew owls on pages torn out of an old book. I could think of a few different ideas for this project.

Sorry this is sideways- but it's handy! I am thinking about printing this freebie from Teacher's File Cabinet on TPT and putting it in my students' dictionaries.

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