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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My School Supplies

I'm back! This pregnancy has really been tiring me out lately! I promise to post photos soon! Thursday and Friday this week we have a union professional development conference so I will have some extra time.

I thought I'd quickly post my very favorite school supplies- the ones I use almost every day.

Fiskars Scissors- love the "crinch, crinch" of these!

Sharpie Pens- any color! I love my handwriting and have to have just the right pen.

Prodigy PaperPro Stapler- LOVE! I played with my husband's and knew this was the answer to all of my math packet stapling needs! Staples 25 sheets of paper with one finger. All of my teammates agree. Best stapler ever.

Mr. Sketch Scented Stix- the original Mr. Sketch's thinner cousin. I like using these to correct papers (especially spelling). The kids love to sniff them. I have the thin set and the regular Mr. Sketch markers near my desk. When they start getting used, I retire them to my word work box.

Post-it Notes- a variety of sizes, colors and shapes. I use these babies for EVERYTHING. You can probably find a pack of Post-its in every nook and cranny in my room. I love using the star-shaped ones for Daily 5.

Scotch Blue Painter's Tape- the only tape my building lets us use on the painted walls. I think I have five rolls floating around my room.

Trend Stinky Stickers- get 100% on a test? Earn one of these. I even use the dirt-smelling ones for our science tests.

Clorox Wipes- must. have.

Homework Stamp- this isn't the one I use but apparently Really Good Stuff doesn't have the homework stamp anymore. My entire team uses the same stamp so parents know when something needs to be returned to school and when it can just be kept at home.

So there you have it- what are your go-to supplies?

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