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Friday, October 21, 2011

My Room

Of course my classroom is a work in progress all year long but I thought I'd share some photos and ideas with you.

Our school opened in 2005 so I am super lucky to have such great technology and storage. I have an LCD projector in my room, a student computer, my computer, TV with VCR/DVD, microphone sound system and a Tablet PC. I am crossing my fingers for some sort of Smart Board next year. Right now, we only have a few in our school. That is a floor-ceiling window over near the TV but it was pretty bright out when I took the photos so I shut the blinds.

I don't usually have the desks in rows (and I didn't in September) but I decided to spread my class out this month. I usually change the seating chart every month and let the kids decide where they want to sit in June (little do they know it's really for just a few days). I also like having the kids plan out a seating chart. I tell them to make a plan that would fit in our space, include 24 desks, and make sure everyone can see the whiteboard. 

I am planning more posts with some photos that "zoom in" on different areas in my classroom. Stay tuned!

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